12 Series

12 Series

Up to 12,000 LBS GVWR

Designed for Class 2-3 regular, extended or crew cab full size pickup trucks, the Continental Railworks H-12 hi-rail unit offers several features unique to our products. Fully automatic mechanical locks, both front and rear, provide excellent operator safety and ease of use, and eliminate the need for pins, hooks or levers to be actuated. Nylon wear rings are used in key areas of the hi-rail unit to eliminate steel – on – steel contact, greatly reducing maintenance and lubrication requirements. As with all Continental Railworks hi-rail units, drop forged wheels are used as opposed to cast or rubber tread, yielding a greater depth of hardness. The full unit adjustability, including alignment, toe-in, toe-out, wheel gauge and pressure adjustment allow.


Up to 12,000 lbs. GVWR


Rotary Front - Rotary Rear


Rotary Front - Rotary Rear


Front and rear combined 880 lbs. (includes mounting components)

Wheel Diameter:

10" drop forged AAR wheel profile

Wheel Spindle:

Precision Ground C-1045 steel, 2" diameter

Wheel Bearings:

Heavy duty tapered roller bearings

Weight Adjustment:

Rubber aeon front and rear

Locking Mechanism:

Fully automatic locking front and rear


Single hydraulic actuators, front and rear

Derail Skids:

Standard, front and rear


Standard, front and rear

Rail Sweeps:

Standard, front and rear


Track circuit insulation standard, front and rear at the stub axle

Wear Rings and steel reinforcements:

Standard at all steel-on-steel wear points, front and rear


Simple adjustment for toe-in and toe-out, side to side and axle alignment

Aluminum truck rims

Track signal shunt kit

Wireless Remote Control

Push button controls with in cab retraction