We create the safest, most reliable and innovative hi-rail products responding to our customers’ needs.

Continental’s HI-Rail was designed with the customer in mind. We strive every day to find ways to make our rail gear safer, stronger and more reliable. Our rail gear is known for the ease of installation, reliability and its simplicity to operate.

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Safety is our focus for our employees and end users


We are passionate about finding ways to improve, to improve processes, products and ways of doing business.


We are committed to providing the highest level of quality and service. We are committed to each other, our customers and our company.


Founded in 1997, Continental Railworks has become an industry leader in the design, manufacture and installation of highway-railway (hi-rail) conversion units. These units permit normal road-going maintenance vehicles to travel on railway track.

Continental Railworks is located in Montreal, Canada, and is associated with an extensive network of hi-rail installation and maintenance companies throughout North America. Continental has a model to fit anything from a full-size pickup to a range of heavy maintenance vehicles.

Integrated Automatic Locking

This feature comes standard on all current models of Continental Rail Gear. This feature is a game changer for the Hi-Rail industry, by eliminating the need for the operator of the truck to release safety pins (often by crawling under the truck).

Positive Down Pressure

This feature is another standard on all current models of continental rail gear. Positive down pressure was designed to keep the rail gear firmly in contact with the rail when the vehicles’ outer dually tires would climb up on a high crossing or snow drift.

Forged Rail Wheels

Continental was among the first Hi rail OEMs to make forged rail wheels standard on all models. Choosing to go with forged wheels over cast provides our customer a wheel with less defects and greater depth of hardness in the wheel.

Stub Axle Insulation

All of our rail gear models come standard with stub axle insulation on all four wheels. This helps eliminate the shunting of the rail when using hydraulic tools or when working on the rail near a crossing.

Front Brakes

Every truck needs the ability to stop as quickly as possible on rail. We include front brakes on every set of rail gear where the front tires are lifted in the air.

Rail Sweeps

Front and Rear rail sweeps are included on every set of gear we ship out. The rail sweeps help limit the risk of derailment of the truck by removing small debris from the track.