RS-Series Rotary Dumps

RS-Series Rotary Dumps

(39,000 LBS. TO 89,000 LBS GVWR)

Continental Railworks RS Rotary Dump is available in two sizes. The RS-14 is designed to fit 14 ft., 12 cubic yard body and the RS-12 is designed to fit 12 ft., 10 cubic yard bodies. The RS subframes come with proportional hydraulic controls, air operated tailgate, central greasing system and universal mounting system. Standard external controls allow the sub-frame to be operated in case of electrical failure and allows the operator to control the sub-frame from outside the cab. Inside the cab the operator will have a 4 axis joystick with 4 buttons on top. This allows for one hand operation of the sub-Frame. The sub-frames come equipped with a 22 degree automatic tailgate opening, that should prevent a sudden shift in the load which might turn over the chassis.


60,000 lbs.


43" Diameter rated at 400,00 lbs. moment load and 635,000 axial load.


3,200 lbs. with out the body.


Danfoss proportional controls mounted on the exterior and Joystick controls in the cab.


Warren Elliptical or Square bodies with Hard-Ox 450 floors and sides, 30 " hinged apron with spreader chutes


Electric tarps are included with units ordered with bodies.

In Cab Rail Clamp Controls

This feature allows the Hydraulic Rail Clamps to be operated in the cab with the joystick.

30 Degree indicator light

This allows the operator to be notified with a light in the cab once the dump body is past 30 degrees from center.


Electric Shaker controls are wired in standard with all RS controls

Manual Rail Clamps

These Rail clamps are require the operator to manually set the clamps before unloading while on rail.

Hydraulic Rail Clamps

These rail clamps work off the chassis PTO and will operate and clamp both sides at once.